Fresh Flavors New Release SUPER SHOW Featuring THREE DOZEN Titles From All Over the World!

In the latest FRESH FLAVORS New Release Super Show, we discuss THREE DOZEN new titles from all over the world!

Time Codes, links, and reviews for discs mentioned in this episode:

3:32 - The Boys
5:53 - Lucifer Season 5
6:25 Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11
7:17 The Mexican
7:21 She's Having a Baby
7:38 The Weather Man
7:50 Some Kind of Wonderful
12:00 Eraser Reborn
12:52 Extreme Prejudice
15:05 Ultraman Mebius
20:25 The Initiation of Sarah
23:45 Mutant Blast
27:46 The Diary of Anne Frank
29:54 The Heavenly Kid
34:58 Cinderella
37:30 The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue
40:25 The Beatles and India
46:44 Human Lanterns
48:10 Forbidden Zone
52:30 The Fabulous Baker Boys
54:09 The Killer Elite
55:27 20,000 Days on Earth
56:21 The Mechanic
58:36 Clay Zombies
1:06:12 Caged Birds
1:07:45 Comedy Confessions
1:08:18 Scarf Face
1:09:04 Ninja Badass

Interview with MVD Entertainment's Eric D. Wilkinson:
Die Hard Commentary with Eric D. Wilkinson:
Interview with Umbrella Founder and Managing Director Jeff Harrison: 

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