Fresh Flavors: New Release Super Show!

In the latest Fresh Flavors, get an up-close look at the newest 4K releases from Arrow, a multi-region set from Indicator, a rare Marvel movie, and our next contest announcement, and so much more!

Time Codes and Purchase Links:
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein 4K (3:51)
12 Monkeys (9:37)
A-Ha: The Movie (14:43)
Megadeth: Live in Buenos Ares (18:41)
A Dangerous Man (19:26)
Xpiation (20:22)
Girl on a Chain Gang (21:11)
The Whistle At Eaton Falls (25:05)
Stanley Long's Adventures (26:34)
Presagio (32:23)
Pushing Hands (33:30)
Lovecut (34:08)
Playground (34:44)
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