Erik Larsen Spider-Man Omnibus Review (w/ David Michelinie)

Let's dive into the Erik Larsen/David Michelinie Spider-Man omnibus! Whether you love '90s comics or hate  them, it's hard not to have an opinion about them, and these issues of Amazing Spider-Man are a prime example of everything that made that era for comics so controversial. Right after the final issue in this omnibus, Larsen would go on to create and publish his own creation, Savage Dragon, for Image Comics, becoming a household name and an entrepreneur! But his rise to comic book artist super-stardom all began here in the pages of Spidey for Marvel Comics! From Venom to Doctor Doom to the Sinister Six, Erik Larsen drew (and later wrote) one of the defining runs for the character. Of course, the art wouldn't mean anything without fantastic script work from David Michelinie, one of the great comic book creators. We'll discuss that and more in this video review of the Amazing Spider-Man omnibus of Erik Larsen!

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