Essential Marvel Horror! Ghost Rider, Dracula, and Zombies!

Take a walk on the dark side of Marvel Comics with a look at some of their "Marvel Essential" horror collections. From Tomb of Dracula and Tales of the Zombie to Ghost Rider and Moon Knight, which introduced characters like Blade and Mephisto.

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  1. All good picks for Marvel Horror. It's worth noting that the last 14 issues of Ghost Rider were reprinted in the 90's in 7 issues (2 comics per issue) as The Original Ghost Rider Rides again. I think you can pick up the issues relatively cheap as Ghost Rider probably benefits more from color than your other picks. Also those are probably my favorite issues of that version of Ghost Rider.

    Somewhat related, I really wanted Marvel's horror revival of the 90's to be good. I was in high school at the time the Midnight Sons books (and the unrelated Hellstorm) started coming out when Marvel was trying to capitalize on the success of the Dan Ketch Ghost Rider. Most of the books were good ideas executed poorly although they all had a few good issues. Blade as he appeared in Nightstalkers inspired a good amount of the Wesley Snipes version. Hellstorm (1993) actually has some fantastic issues although it starts off rough and is a bit disjointed up until around #6 or #7. Warren Ellis would do some good work on the book as well although I seem to recall it getting canceled rather abruptly.

    Kraven's Last Hunt (the Spider-man story that really got me into comics as a kid) I think tonally may be the best Horror Marvel has ever done despite it not being one of their Horror comics.

    1. Thanks for the heads up about those Ghost Rider reprints, Ross! I like reading Ghost Rider in black and white, but I would pick these up in color if they were released in Epic Collections or an Omnibus or two in a heartbeat. This is without a doubt my favorite Ghost Rider, but I like them all. Well, maybe not the current one.

      I was actually a semi-fan of the stuff happening in the '90s. It probably has to do with my age and how cool I thought some of those characters were at the time. I'll always have a soft place for the Midnight Sons crossovers. In fact, I only have a few issues of that stuff, so I should start tracking it down. Maybe I can do a video about them for Halloween 2018!

      And I agree with you about Kraven's Last Hunt. So great, so dark.


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