Cereal At Midnight is dedicated to discovering and exploring the coolest stuff from pop culture! It's about movies and music and comics, but it's also about finding and exploring wonderful, offbeat destinations. It's about celebrating the unusual and the unsung with no irony at all. The name is designed to convey the feeling you get from staying up until the wee hours of the morning, munching on a bowl of your favorite cereal while you watch cartoons, science fiction movies, and classic horror films. From the videos on YouTube to the written reviews and articles here on this site, we're dedicated to preserving magic and wonder in our everyday lives! 

So pour yourself another bowl; sunrise is still hours away.


  1. hi
    i like you on my face book show night talk as i guest_love the mil creek stuff-bci
    im David sterling producer of many horror movies(camp blood- things and witchcraft films)
    contact me at my Facebook page

  2. gotta say I admire the respect shown for any genre out there ... Only a true champion of the art of film would conduct themselves with such professional enthusiasm.
    Great to see the videos ...love the reviews

  3. Heath,
    Just discovered your YouTube channel a couple of weeks ago and really enjoy everything movie or music related that you talk about.
    Last bluray I watched? "The Ice Man Cometh" 1971 American Film Theatre put out by Kino. 4 hrs long and may be some of the best acting I've seen. Keep up the good work.


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