New Release Super Show | Physical Media from Imprint, Arrow, Eureka, 88 Films, & More

In this New Release SUPER SHOW, we’re taking a look at brand new physical media releases from Imprint, Arrow, Eureka, 88 Films, Radiance, and more! 

Further Viewing: 
14:30 Lee Gambin Interview
23:28 Street Fighter Collection
23:33 Sister Street Fighter Collection
31:02 In The Line of Duty 1-4 Box Set
31:38 The Radiance Interview
34:59 The Film Masters Interview
38:10 Shut Off Your Brain and Just Enjoy It
43:01 I Bought A Collection!
43:35 A Life In Fandom
49:10 Top 5 Westerns
49:41 B-Western Heroes
49:48 The Hidden Hollywood History of Gower Gulch

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