Review-Palooza! Ultraman Begins, Indie Horror, B-Movie Blowout, and Andy Griffith on a Motorcycle!

In our latest Review-Palooza, we discuss and review over two dozen titles! Pour a bowl of your favorite cereal and get ready for 70 minutes of deep genre cuts, filipinosploitation, Ultraman awesomeness, and independent horror!

Time Codes:

Top Gun 4K - 1:59
Knives Out - 3:06
Jaws - 3:55
The Mask of Zorro - 5:54
Mayhem - 6:43
Police Squad: The Complete Series - 10:55
The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot - 12:47
The Birth of Ultraman - 19:00
Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga - 25:35
The H Man/Battle in Outer Space - 27:58
Hollywood Story/New Orleans Uncensored - 32:16
The Man from the Alamo/They Came to Cordura - 35:31
Enemy Gold - 39:03
The Court Jester - 41:25
Reflections on the Living Dead/Ozone - 44:10
Silk - 51:12
The Devastator - 54:33
The Annihilators - 57:30
Pray for the Wildcats - 59:55
Western Classics Vol. 1
-When the Daltons Rode - 1:03:11
-The Virginian - 1:04:20
-Whispering Smith - 1:04:52
The Man Who Died Twice - 1:05:50
Behind Locked Doors - 1:07:20

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