Mail Call 3-D - Skeletor In a Bowl And A Stack of Scheider!

In our latest mail call, we open a plethora of packages from the Cereal At Midnight community! This one has obscure and cult horror, dollar movies, cardboard Robin Hood, collectible cereals, the prince of polo, Roy Scheider up the wazoo, plastic Tom Baker, and exotic candy from lands far away! Please join us as we celebrate the generosity and awesomeness of YOU!

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  1. Hi Heath
    I have an R1 DVD of Horror Express, starring Peter and Telly. I’m sure this is something you have but would love to send to you guys?

    1. Hey, Alex! That's so generous! We do have Horror Express, but if you are looking to give your DVD a good home, we'd be happy to pass it on in a contest or a giveaway in the future. It's totally up to you. Either way, thank you for asking and being so thoughtful!

  2. Sorry bud, going to be a little delay as we’re all on lockdown - will be there when we can. Hope you guys stay safe - at least you’ve plenty to watch!


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