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"The House of Hitchcock Collection" Coming to Blu-ray from Universal

15 classic Hitchcock films from Universal are headed back to Blu-ray in a new special edition deluxe package including lots of cool collectibles and bonuses!

Review: I Bury the Living (1958)

I Bury the Living is a cool little black-and-white psychological horror film from 1958. It was written by Louis Garfunkel ( A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die ) and directed by Albert Band (father of Charles Band), produced by Maxim Productions, and distributed by MGM. The premise is simple, but very effective: Robert Kraft (played by Richard Boone) is appointed as the director of a cemetery. There's a huge map indicating which grave sites are reserved (marked with a white pin) and those that are filled (marked with a black pin). When a just-married couple cruise by the cemetery to tell Kraft that they'd like to buy two graves close to the groom's father's burial site, Kraft accidentally used black pins instead of white pins to mark their request. Tragedy strikes and the married couple is killed. Did Kraft cause it by using black pins instead of white?