Hardware to Halo Release Their Second Album, Sensory System

Our friends at Hardware To Halo have officially released their second album, Sensory System! The new collection of songs follows on the heels of last summer's After the War is Won and delivers 15 more tracks of what we like to call "Europop with an American accent." Lush synthesizers, haunting guitars, and beats that were made to be appreciated on a dance floor combine to create an ethereal, liquid experience.

Hardware to Halo is spearheaded by Russell Chamberlain and Michael McCormack, composer and co-producer of The Shark is Still Working as well as Cereal At Midnight's collaborator on our commentary for the film JAWS. Their latest project continues to explore the groundwork laid by their first album, pairing top-notch production with soulful and emotional lyrics, resulting in a deeply- stirring and highly-listenable experience.

You can hear the entire album on YouTube by clicking THIS LINK. It can also be purchased on Amazon HERE. Be sure to follow HardwareToHalo.com as well as Michael McCormack's YouTube channel Soundtrack TV and official website for all the latest news and developments!


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