GB20 Teaser Trailer (Ghostbusters)

Just hours ago, Jason Reitman (the son of Ghostbusters-I-and-II director Ivan Reitman and an established filmmaker in his own right) quietly dropped this teaser trailer for a new Ghostbusters movie that he's directing. We don't know much, other than it will take place in the same timeline as the first two classic films and that it's being released summer of 2020. I have been very skeptical of Sony's attempt to resurrect this beloved eighties franchise, but I have to say this teaser trailer gave me goosebumps. The music, the lighting, even the font of the text just feels like Ghostbusters. What do you guys think? #GB20


  1. I am very excited about this news. I disliked the idea of a reboot when they announced it a few years ago but I still went to see it because I love Ghostbusters, the actresses were funny, and I wanted to be proven wrong. Sadly, in my opinion, the movie turned out worse than I thought it would (although Chris Hemsworth’s comedic talents seemingly came out of nowhere and he proved to be the highlight of the film). I am very hopeful for this film though. All I have wanted is for the original film’s universe to continue. I don’t care if it’s all new female Ghostbusters, all male Ghostbusters, or a mix. I just want to see the original team in a supporting role officially passing the torch. I think Jason Reitman is the right man for the job and I am very excited.


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