Favorite Physical Media Releases of 2023

This is the big one!  In the last Cereal At Midnight episode of the year, I showcase my absolute favorite physical media releases of 2023! Happy New Year!

Further viewing: 
5:03 Film Masters Interview With Founder Phil Hopkins https://youtu.be/U30mpJxy6FI
6:14 Radiance Interview with Founder Fran Simeoni https://youtu.be/9n8WxbInUv0
7:28 Laurel Hardy Interview with Randy Skretvedt https://youtu.be/CrwqNn68guE
7:37 The Complete Rankin/Bass Christmas Collection https://youtu.be/HNiB8TOCT44
8:17 Interview with Jimmy Hunt https://youtu.be/AVhLKy9Xp-w
8:30 Invaders From Mars 4K Review https://youtu.be/T8wrFnBzn3M
9:28 Robot Monster Review https://youtu.be/ZNuxywu7xrM
9:49 Vengeance Trails Unboxing and Review https://youtu.be/18x-MYo8yek
12:20 Frank Tarzi On Kino Lorber in 2024 https://youtu.be/_dUzqaW-aFs
13:27 Superman 4K Unboxing https://youtu.be/LvPMY4IyJ-8
14:03 Elvis At The Movies w/C. Courtney Joyner https://youtu.be/QzTcB4b8SKE
14:49 Unboxing New Umbrella and Imprint https://youtu.be/qmsPAPPVtoI
16:11 Empire of Screams Review https://youtu.be/4gLDJcd2p8o
17:36 Interview with Lore & Legends Co-Author Michael Witwer https://youtu.be/6Nbq_-c5weI
18:20 Behind Bonanza: The Complete Series with Andrew J. Klyde https://youtu.be/sajPcU4-MeM
20:16 Unboxing Dark Shadows: The Complete Series https://youtu.be/awihW0VjFH8
23:54 Spotlight on Universal Essentials https://youtu.be/pjFQF1r72ks

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