Fresh Flavors: New and Notable Media Releases for August, 2022

It's time for FRESH FLAVORS! In this new and notable release spotlight, we look at the latest disc releases from OVER A DOZEN different labels PLUS some things that have slipped through the cracks but you need to know about. Plus, rants about remakes, whistle blowers, and censorship!

Time stamps for your navigational convenience: 
Flatliners 4K: 1:09
The Last Broadcast: 5:30
Flying Guillotine Part II: 9:31
Adventures of Don Juan: 12:41
The Frisco Kid: 14:59
Death Warrant: 16:11
Lone Wolf McQuade 17:46
Battle of the Worlds 18:41
Naked Over the Fence 21:30
Dr. Lamb 23:10
The Old Man: The Movie 24:43
Kate Bush: The Hounds Run Up The Hill 27:54
While We Sleep 29:36
Stone Protectors 30:45
Loggerheads 33:37
Bigfoot or Bust 34:35
YellowBrickRoad 35:56
Dona Flora 36:47
Tourist Trap 38:20
Puppet Master 40:20
Blair Witch Project Book 41:38
Cult Cinema Book: 43:10

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