Music-Palooza Volume 3: Beatles, Box Sets, and Back-In-Print Gems!

Music-Palooza returns! In this swingin' episode, Heath talks about some incredible new releases from rock, country, and funk superstars...and those that should have been. This episode has everything from The Beatles to obscure horror movie soundtracks!

The Beatles: Get Back
The Swinging Blue Jeans - Feelin' Better: Anthology 1963-1969
Waylon Jennings - Three Albums
The Animals on Tour
The Animals - Animal Tracks
The Animals - Animalization
Young-Holt Unlimited Plays Super Fly
Cry of the Banshee/Edgar Allan Poe Suite/Horror Express
Jerry Reed - The Rockin' US Male
The Beau Brummels - Turn Around: The Complete Recordings 1964-1970
Iron Butterfly - Unconscious Power: An Anthology 1967-1971
Paul Butterfield - Complete Albums 1965-1980

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  1. Hi Heath! I have been following you for a little while - maybe 8 months or so and get jazzed about the content you post - love the shows and the interviews, especially the uncut convos on Patreo. I had been watching video reviews and hauls that you put up so I thought that you just reviewed and commented on films. I gotta tell ya, I did not see Music-palloza comin', but it was a fantastic show! My son and I play music on physical media, mostly vinyl and often cassette tapes. Don't get me wrong, we also have Spotify accounts, but our go-to media is physical. Thanks for the music reviews and knowledge. Although I am mainly a film lover, I also like music and this show was one of my favorites! Thanks again!

    1. I just saw this! I'm so glad you're enjoying the music coverage! I've got the fourth Music-Palooza coming hopefully at the end of this week and it should be even bigger than the last one. I talk about all kinds of stuff through Cereal At Midnight, even comics, books, and occasionally action figures! Movies definitely get the most coverage (and views), though.


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