A Conversation with THE KNIGHT RIDER COMPANION Author Nick Nugent!

Buckle up and prepare for Turbo Boost as we talk to Nick Nugent, the author of THE KNIGHT RIDER COMPANION!  Learn the origins of K.I.T.T. and hear behind-the-scenes stories about creator Glen A. Larson and David Hasselhoff as we take a shadowy flight into the world of a man who does not exist!

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  1. Neal : If ya dont mind got a question for ya please.Its about the Little Rascals.I email classic flix asking them how many volumes there will be and got no reply from them.So my question is ,do you know how many there will be in total?I am on limited income and would like all of them if possible.I will as of today have the first 4 v.Thanks in advance.Take care.


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