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Review: The Protege (2021)

The Protege is the kind of movie that I keep saying Hollywood doesn't make anymore, and yet here it is. Once upon a time that doesn't feel all that long ago, cinemas were packed with movies like this one: reasonably-intelligent action-thrillers with likable actors, exotic international locations, and scripts with enough witty dialogue and twists and turns to keep you happily chugging toward the finale. And yet, The Protege  now feels like a welcome holdover from a bygone era. The Protege  stars Maggie Q as Anna, an assassin trained from childhood in the art of killing by another assassin, played with relish by Samuel L. Jackson. On their trail is a bad guy named Rembrandt, played by Michael Keaton. What he does is never explicitly made clear, though the character explains his role in the story as the person who comes in and cleans things up for his boss and makes sure no important details are overlooked. The plot in brief: Maggie Q's character is a bad mother-shut-your-mout

MVD Rewind Collection New Release Spotlight - Dark Action in the Mortuary

The MVD Rewind Collection continues to grow with tons of favorites from all genres! In our latest spotlight, we look at some recent MVD Rewind releases and a couple of horror movies that are hitting shelves soon! Want EVEN MORE Cereal At Midnight? We've got you covered! Support us on Patreon and gain access to our huge vault of exclusives, which includes over 90 videos that aren't available anywhere else. Find out more at! Facebook/CerealMidnight Twitter: CerealMidnight Instagram: CerealMidnight Letterboxd: CerealAtMidnite Shop: