Fresh Flavors: The BIGGEST New Release Spotlight in Cereal At Midnight History!

It's our largest New Release Spotlight in Cereal At Midnight history! Saddle up for coverage of almost FOUR DOZEN titles from all over the world!

Time codes:

2:00 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 4K UHD
6:00 The Eurocrypt of Christopher Lee
10:38 Strike Commando/Strike Commando 2
13:24 Grizzly/Day of the Animals/Deep Blood
15:42 The Adventures of Merlin Complete Series
20:12 The Young Doctors Collection 1
22:50 Van Der Valk Complete Series
24:40 Love Thy Neighbor Complete Series
26:57 Stan Lee's Lucky Man
29:20 Waylon Jennings 4 Albums 
32:13 Queen of Spades
33:25 The Groove Tube
35:05 Rose Plays Julie
37:16 Dali: In Search of Immortality
39:03 Cool as Ice
41:36 Stranger on the Run
43:21 The Web
44:38 The Road to Salina
45:36 Alias Jesse James
46:39 Thunderbolt
47:51 Larceny
48:46 Unconquered
50:00 Alias Nick Beal
50:48 Shenandoah
53:29 Clay Pigeons 
56:58 The Gilded Lily
57:16 Toy Soldiers/December
57:58 Contraband/Fear
58:31 Alpha Dog
58:55 Miami Vice/The Kingdom
1:00:17 Sonic Boom: The Complete Season 1
1:01:09 Safe House
1:01:41 Finding Forrester
1:03:12 The Adjustment Bureau/The Good Shepherd
1:03:38 Ultraman: Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle
1:07:24 Ultraman Zero Collection
1:09:10 The Critic: The Complete Series
1:11:05 Problem Child/Problem Child 2
1:11:12 Bruce Willis 8-Movie Collection
1:12:09 Jean-Claude Van Damme 8-Movie Collection
1:12:42 Becoming Evil: Serial Killers of the Old West
1:13:29 Pasture

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