Unscripted: Streaming, Mergers, and The Future of Physical Media

Heath has some unscripted and unedited thoughts about the state of physical media in 2021 and beyond, the role of streaming, and and what corporate media mergers mean for us as cinephiles and pop culture fans. You may be surprised at where this goes! Play the Cereal At Midnight Drinking Game at home and take a shot every time Heath says "I don't know."*

*Do not attempt.

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  1. Heath , you said in this video that one can still buy a Vcr and they are still being made?? according to info in internet Funai was the last company to make Vcr's but they stopped production in 2016..only way now to get a VCR these days is hope you can find A used one at a Thrift store that works or pay big bucks for a Used VCR on Amazon or E bay,, Remember its not nice to fool Mother Nature or your viewers !

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  3. With Amazon buying MGM how do you see the future of the future of Physical Media, Watching TV Shows, Going To The Movies, etc.....

    -Would consumers/shoppers be forced to join a streaming service in order to buy or watch certain movies and TV show?

    -A streaming service is telling us that the only way. If we decide not to be with that streaming service we can’t watch that movie or TV series anymore say like the 9th time or 22nd time.

    -Could it be like they are in control how it should be for us.

    -With TV shows made for streaming, it might never go to any networks syndication or physical media. Same with movies. Some TV shows and movies are just going to stay on streaming. For movies, ones that could be big name might not be put in theaters at all. IF people don't join the streaming service they just will never see it? Examples of movies and TV shows still not or may never be on physical media and shown on a network like ABC,CBS or NBC, even syndication,
    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
    Little Voice
    Snoopy in Space
    Lady And The Tramp
    The Mandalorian
    The Aeronauts
    The Morning Show

    -Would some or certain DVD, Blu-ray and 4ks can only be brought on Amazon. That we might not see it at Target, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble and Walmart. Even mom and pop music/video stores that sell new and use will not be able to order it in to sell at the full SRP. When we go go the mall or store, and suddenly say go look for this new movie or TV series.

    -Well there less movie theaters, since Warner Bros started the in theaters and you can stream it with there HBOmax. Other studios are doing that. With the pandemic Disney was just trying find the right time to put in theaters. When they couldn't, they just put Mulan on streaming. As I heard it was $30 something just to watch that on streaming. Does it cost more or less to watch it on streaming vs. at the move theater.

    -Hopefully a lot of people still care for big screens that still way way larger then 100 in. 4k TV and stuff like IMAX, etc… That NOT on any HD TV or streaming at all.

    -There will be people out there that don’t want to pay for every streaming service that there is. Some people when they cut cable, they are going back to using an antenna, not moving over to streaming and using an antenna. How many out there can afford to pay for all the streaming services or even just Cable, but not will all the goods on their plan at all. Think of the low income, lower middle class and those that are disable and dependent, who are on Retirement, Survivors, Disability Insurance (RSDI).

    -Will watching with an Antenna or Cable box, that some channels will NOT have no shows or anything in the middle of the night again. Even like the early years of TV again, where not much at all, all day. With what happening now. It be like a mix of the 50s and the 80s. Streaming is like the way to go.

    -Three or four years ago, there was tech or media news. That Apple’s iTune can remove or delete any movies people buy there. That you don’t own, or it more how we see fit for you.

    -I just hope NO STREAMING Service will be the one to start doing this at all. Even want to be the one to lead the way and get it happening. That would be sad and little sick. Hope Amazon buying MGM studio, will NOT be the one to lead the way.

    There this video I found on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oQa0HgFGzg&t=8s

    Heath maybe you can make a Youtube video and answer some of these stuff or your views on them.

  4. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/31/opinion/amazon-mgm-james-bond-bezos.html?smid=fb-nytopinion&smtyp=cur&fbclid=IwAR2ZbcBePIrKojjW9SQerYcXZgTZ83Qcnziz_0VKY4-tkPP_KQKOcjJWkC0


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