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Trailer: The Devastator (1986)

It's the Vietnam War, Filipino style! 1986's  The Devastator  (aka The Destroyers ) stars Rick Hill ( Deathstalker ), Katt Shea ( Barbarian Queen ), and was directed by one of the all-time masters of Filipino-sploitation, Cirio H. Santiago! What's more, it's produced by Roger Corman and is considered an entry in the "Pre-Nuke Collection." The war is over and a Vietnam vet visits the town of his former commanding officer only to discover that there's a land war being fought over the control of marijuana fields and the town is being strangled by an army of drug thugs. What's a guy to do? Reassemble the old team and take the war to the bad guys! Shot in both California and the Philippines, this movie seems to be chasing the success of both First Blood  and Rambo: First Blood Part II  with some Chuck Norris action thrown in as it mounts up a huge body count while also showing the bonds of brotherhood between our soldiers. This one feels like a pulp nove

Vinegar Syndrome Half Way to Black Friday Haul!

It's here! Our haul from Vinegar Syndrome's Half Way to Black Friday sale has finally arrived! This is going to be one RAD unboxing! Further viewing from the Cereal At Midnight archives: 5 Films That Need a Blu-ray (Crossover with Films At Home) Charlie's Angels Blu-ray Review Icons of Horror: Slashers My Wrestling DVD and Blu-ray Collection Bubba Ho-Tep and the Cosmic Blood-Suckers (Lansdale, Jabcuga, Galusha) Review-Palooza Playlist