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Interview with Body By Starfleet Author Robb Pearlman

Cereal At Midnight recently had the opportunity to speak with author Robb Pearlman about his new book  Body By Starfleet , a fitness guide that uses the worlds and characters of Star Trek to promote physical health! C@M: Robb, thank you so much for speaking with us!  Body By Starfleet combines physical fitness with the themes, characters, and ideals of Star Trek. Some readers may be surprised at how naturally these two topics fit together. What was the genesis of this project, and what led you to combine your love of Star Trek with personal fitness? RP : A few years ago I decided to make a change in my life and go where I'd never gone before: they gym. I found a great local place, Tutela Training Systems, in Clark NJ. Though I was initially intimidated to even walk through the door, I quickly warmed to it as I realized that the other guys working out were not only of all different body types, backgrounds, and careers, but all completely supportive and encouraging of each o