Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Sugar Rush (July 2020)—Respected Genre Critic and Author Mark Sieber discusses his new collection He Who Types Between the Rows: A Decade of Horror Drive-in with C@M’s Josh Jabcuga

(The following interview was conducted via email from June 15-26, 2020.)

Josh Jabcuga: Last year here at Cereal At Midnight I named your book, He Who Types Between the Rows: A Decade of Horror Drive-in, as my personal favorite of 2019 (Click here to read Josh’s review). I said the book deserved to be ranked up there with The Psychotronic Video Guide to Film, Nightmare USA, and Paperbacks from Hell.

Whelp, here we are at the halfway point of 2020, and I've still got your book on my mind! I've been following your work for quite awhile actually, but for those who may not be familiar with you, would you mind telling readers a bit about yourself and He Who Types Between The Rows?

Mark Sieber: Thanks, Josh. I really appreciate this.

I've been a horror fan all my life. I've watched thousands of movies and I've read thousands of books in the genre. I had some success as a moderator of message boards. This was before the onslaught of social media. I was writing at the board for around eight years, and thought it was time to launch my own place.

I started Horror Drive-In in 2006. It was a website that would host a message board and an outlet for me to write reviews. Looking back, it was crazy. I was reading like a maniac, watching at least a movie a night, working a full time job, managing a busy message board, and somehow I found the time to write a whole bunch of reviews and essays. I was running on autopilot, and when I went back to see what I had done, I literally had no memory of writing a lot of it. It was stream of consciousness stuff. I was reviewing books and movies, commenting on the genre and the then-current trends, and putting myself and my life in the middle of it all.

The book is a collection of these pieces. I guess you could call them blog entries. I'd been doing them for a decade and I thought about putting together a book. I was editing them up, and fixing a lot of errors and clumsy writing. I had the book almost done, artwork and all, when Norman Prentiss, of Cemetery Dance Publications, offered to pick it up and publish it. I already had a longtime association with them, and it was a perfect fit.

Monday, June 29, 2020

International Mail and An Awesome Autograph!

This truly international mail haul comes courtesy of Alex, Timothy, Mike, and Ferris! Hang out with us in Case de Midnight as we unbox movies, music, and even an autograph from the generous, kind, and incredibly-good-looking Cereal At Midnight community! A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has ever sent us anything! We appreciate you!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Patreon Exclusive: Collecting At Midnight Episode 13

The latest installment of our Patreon-exclusive Collecting At Midnight series is now available! For those that want to learn more and unlock hours of collection tours, behind-the-scenes videos, exclusive audio commentaries, private Discord hangouts, and the rest of the Collecting At Midnight series, please visit patreon.com/cerealatmidnight!
In the latest installment of Collecting At Midnight we discuss comics omnibuses, limited edition vinyl, tons of Blu-ray box sets, out of print goodies, dirt-cheap westerns, '90s animation, and Grumpy Heath even stops by for a rant over the reasons why some fringe genre films are going away and may never come back! It's 79 minutes of thrills, chills, and demolition spills...it's Collecting At Midnight Episode 13!

Monday, June 22, 2020

Interview with Producer/Director Eric D. Wilkinson from MVD Entertainment!

Cereal At Midnight chats with Eric D. Wilkinson, the director of the homemade horror smashes The Violence Movie Parts I and II and producer of films such as Mischief Night and The Man from Earth! Eric is also the man behind the MVD Rewind Collection, the MVD Marquee Collection, and so many other exciting physical media ventures. In this conversation, we discuss how Eric went from a homemade horror sensation to a producer, as well as how he brings all those wonderful MVD Blu-rays to life!

Cereal At Midnight's MVD Rewind Video Playlist

Friday, June 19, 2020

Trailer: The Devastator (1986)

It's the Vietnam War, Filipino style! 1986's The Devastator (aka The Destroyers) stars Rick Hill (Deathstalker), Katt Shea (Barbarian Queen), and was directed by one of the all-time masters of Filipino-sploitation, Cirio H. Santiago! What's more, it's produced by Roger Corman and is considered an entry in the "Pre-Nuke Collection." The war is over and a Vietnam vet visits the town of his former commanding officer only to discover that there's a land war being fought over the control of marijuana fields and the town is being strangled by an army of drug thugs. What's a guy to do? Reassemble the old team and take the war to the bad guys! Shot in both California and the Philippines, this movie seems to be chasing the success of both First Blood and Rambo: First Blood Part II with some Chuck Norris action thrown in as it mounts up a huge body count while also showing the bonds of brotherhood between our soldiers. This one feels like a pulp novel come to life and it's everything the trailer promises. It's on Blu-ray from Code Red. Stay tuned for coverage of this film in the next Review-Palooza!

Vinegar Syndrome Half Way to Black Friday Haul!

It's here! Our haul from Vinegar Syndrome's Half Way to Black Friday sale has finally arrived! This is going to be one RAD unboxing!

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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Unboxing The Three Stooges - The Ultimate Collection (EVERY SHORT)!

Hang out as we unbox The Three Stooges: The Ultimate Collection! Every short film plus 11 hours of extras are collected in this 20-disc package that runs a whopping 65 hours of nyuck nyucks! Grab your copy here: https://amzn.to/2YEZX0R

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Mill Creek Entertainment Announces The Birth of Ultraman Collection For Blu-ray Release on July 10, 2020!

Mill Creek Entertainment has just announced The Birth of Ultraman Collection for Blu-ray release on Ultraman Day, which is July 10, 2020!

The set will present some of the best episodes from the original Ultraman show with a choice of original Japanese with English subtitles or English dub!

The set will ALSO contain THE BIRTH OF ULTRAMAN, a pre-premiere special that is the very first appearance of Ultraman and would serve as the introduction of the character to the world. The pre-premiere special debuted on July 10, 1966, one week before the Ultraman TV series launched.

The artwork for the Blu-ray set comes from Alex Ross and will also be featured on THE RISE OF ULTRAMAN comic book which will be released this September in collaboration with Marvel Comics and Tsuburaya Productions.

From Mill Creek Entertianment's press release, the following episodes will be included in the set:

 Episode 1 – ULTRA OPERATION NO. 1 – The story begins as the heroic alien Ultraman pursues the space monster Bemular to Earth, leading to a fateful encounter with Shin Hayata, an agent of the SSSP.

Episode 2 – SHOOT THE INVADER – Ultraman’s iconic foe, Alien Baltan, makes its first appearance in a tale narrated by Ide, the SSSP's genius inventor.

Episode 19 – DEMONS RISE AGAIN – An ancient time capsule unleashes the red-skinned monster Banila and its blue-skinned rival Aboras, who wage a titanic battle in the National Stadium.

Episodes 26 & 27 – THE MONSTER HIGHNESS Parts 1 & 2 – The only 2-part ULTRAMAN story features the Ancient Monster Gomora, who escapes captivity and overwhelms Ultraman as it rampages towards Osaka.

Episode 33 – THE FORBIDDEN WORDS – When Alien Mefilas tries to convince a boy to give him the Earth, even Ultraman may not be able to stop him.

Episode 37 – A LITTLE HERO – Ide suffers a crisis of faith as the Friendly Monster Pigmon warns that the evil creature Geronimon is reviving an army of monsters to destroy Ultraman and the SSSP!

Also from the press release:

"The Birth of Ultraman Collection" Blu-ray will be exclusively sold on DeepDiscount as part of the launch of a dedicated Ultraman storefront that will offer up all of Mill Creek Entertainment's current Blu-ray/SteelBook® releases in addition to other Ultraman related merchandise and product.  Available July 10, 2020, the set retails for $25.99.  Pre-order today: https://bit.ly/DDUltraman

Stay tuned to Cereal At Midnight for all the latest Ultraman news and reviews and be sure to grab your copy of this box set from Deep Discount!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Micro But Many - Micro Machines Collection Book!

The wonderful preservationists at Bitmap Books have just released Micro But Many, a 400-page book dedicated to Micro Machines! With over 1,000 Micro Machine cars, trucks, vans, planes, and even snowmobiles presented in glorious full-color photographs, this is the first unofficial Micro Machines collecting resource of its kind, and also features tons of unmade prototypes and even stories from the folks who made and marketed the toys! The fast-talking Micro Machines Man himself is even in the book! Check out our video, then head over to Bitmapbooks.co.uk to find out how you can get your own copy. And be sure to tell them that Cereal At Midnight sent you!


Saturday, June 13, 2020

Serials At Midnight - King of the Rocket Men! (1949)

The Rocketeer, Commando Cody, Boba AND Jango Fett, and even The Mandalorian himself all owe a debt to Republic's 1949 12-part serial King of the Rocket Men! strap on your helmet and rocket pack and let's blast off into adventure as we explore the very first rocket hero of the silver screen!

Behind the Scenes of Serials At Midnight (Patreon Exclusive!)

In this Patreon-exclusive video, Cereal At Midnight takes you behind the scenes of our Serials At Midnight series, offering a step-by-step guide covering how the opening theme was created, as well as our goals with the series! Unlock this video at Patreon.com/cerealatmidnight

Thursday, June 11, 2020

HUGE Kino Lorber Memorial Day/June Swoon Sale Haul!

Our latest coverage of Kino Lorber Studio Classics find us discussing recent pickups from the Memorial Day/June Swoon sale, including some brand new releases from the Dark Side of Cinema! Nobody does deep cuts like Kino, and this video is absolutely packed with great titles from all genres, including western, action, thriller, crime, comedy, and even some vigilante and biker exploitation flicks!

Monday, June 8, 2020

Massive Mill Creek Unboxing - Ultraman Ace, Westerns, Noir, Andy Sidaris, & Kung Fu!

The latest releases from Mill Creek Entertainment are out of this world...literally! Ultraman Ace has arrived in both standard and Steelbook packaging, alongside the highly-anticipated Blu-ray double feature of Japanese sci-fi classics The H-Man and Battle in Outer Space from the creator of Godzilla and the creator of Ultraman! We also have to more Malibu Bay films produced by Andy Sidaris, a William Castle crime/noir double feature, and a classic western double feature starring Gary Cooper, Glenn Ford, and Rita Hayworth! Did we mention the martial arts mini-series starring David Carradine and Daryl Hannah? Thanks to Mill Creek Entertainment for preserving so much of the pop culture that we love!

Saturday, June 6, 2020

NEW Batman Figures from Spin Master! WAVE 1 Unboxed (Includes Chase & Retailer Exclusives)

Spin Master is making new Batman action figures and they are AWESOME! With a focus on affordability and play appeal, this could be just what the toy industry needs! In this video, we discuss ALL the new Batman products from the company. We also unbox the ENTIRE first wave of 4 inch action figures, including all chase figures and retailer exclusives!

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Community Mail - Dr. Seuss/Who Nightmares and VHS Memories

In our latest community mail episode, we're opening packages sent to Cereal At Midnight by YOU! This installment contains VHS nostalgia, Dr. Seuss nightmares, Doctor Who, and Dollar Tree movies!

Thank you to Art! Find his YouTube channel Eastsiders Concerts HERE

Thanks also to our Patreon Family member Ryan! Find his YouTube channel Triple Feature Creature HERE

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Three Dollar Playstation 4 Games At Walmart! ($3 PS4 Deals!)

We just found a ton of $3 Playstation 4 video games at Walmart! Is finding console games at mobile game prices too good to be true, or is this an example of being in the right place at the right time? Let's find out!

Monday, June 1, 2020

A Conversation with YouTuber Aaron Pynn, aka Mr Vinegar Syndrome!

What do two movie enthusiasts with HUGE physical media collections talk about when they get together? They talk about their love of collecting boutique distributors, and genre films! You're invited for a fly-on-the-wall conversation between Cereal At Midnight and Aaron Pynn, aka Mr. Vinegar Syndrome, one of the most knowledgeable voices on YouTube in regard to movie knowledge! Subscribe to Aaron Pynn's YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC86Rb_aoMKA3IKKZwJBhLVQ

Follow Aaron Pynn on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrVinSyn