Midnight Music: "Science Funktion" by Donald Byrd

Donald Byrd was a jazz/funk/fusion trumpeter who played with dozens of other greats throughout the fifties and sixties, including John Coltrane, Wes Montgomery, and Thelonius Monk. In the seventies, as a solo artist and producer, he embraced the incoming funk and disco scenes and contributed some of the hippest grooves to both genres while still being true to his own unique voice. This space-tastic track "Science Funktion," from 1976's Caricatures album (which predates Star Wars and the sci-fi mania it spawned), is dedicated to all of you until we can next meet up for midnight bowling, laser tag, or an all-nite roller boogie.

For further listening, we recommend the track "Lansana's Priestess,"as found on the new three-disc anthology Donald Byrd and the Blackbyrds: The Jazz Funk Collection, just released from Robinsongs, a division of Cherry Red Records, out of the U.K.


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