Review-Palooza! Titans, Warner Archive, Kino, Horror, & Drive-In Schlock!

The latest Review-Palooza spectacular is the biggest so far at nearly 90 minutes! In this video, we review 20 titles from all genres and a variety of distributors! You want modern? We got it! Classy old-timey gems? Check. Indie horror? Yup! Drive-In schlock? You know it! Grab some cereal and settle in, it's time for Review-Palooza!

Time Codes:
Titans Season 1 - 1:15
Blood Fest - 7:25
What We Do in the Shadows - 12:52
Harper - 17:23
Wait Until Dark - 22:56
Dodsworth - 26:20
42nd St. - 34:40
The Thin Man - 37:42
Police Academy - 39:35
The Warrant - 43:15
Mindgames - 51:26
The Violence Movie - 57:36
Golden Temple Amazons - 60:00
Being Evel - 64:35
Firepower - 68:28
Covergirl - 71:57
Stick - 74:19
Record City - 78:56
Blind Rage - 81:55
The Giant Spider Invasion - 84:15

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