One Hour Blu-ray Review-Palooza!

It's review time! We've picked up a ton of movies lately, and it's time to review them! In this episode, we discuss 16 titles, including Color Out of Space, films from our recent Kino Lorber sales pick-ups, Mill Creek's retro VHS Blus, and some Dark Force/Code Red gems. Let's celebrate offbeat cinema and the movies that break out of the mold of SAMENESS!

Review Time Codes:
Color Out of Space - 3:31
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - 9:03
Detective Pikachu - 12:28
Ford V Ferrari - 13:42
She (1984) - 17:46
The Nude Bombs (Return of Maxwell Smart) - 22:50
Sonny and Cher in Good Times 31:52
Midas Run - 30:30
The Gun Runners - 32:10
The Magic Sword - 36:10
Vibes - 38:46
When A Stranger Calls - 43:23
No Mercy - 46:34
The Color of Magic/Hogfather - 49:17
Mirror Mirror (1990) - 50:55
Ator The Fighting Eagle - 54:08

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