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Josh Jabcuga’s Sugar Rush (December 2019 Edition)

Your High Fructose, Lo-Fidelity Guide to Snap! Crackle! Pop Culture! This month, Josh Reveals His Favorite Book of 2019! Mark Sieber is one of us. Sieber is a fan, a genre enthusiast, a defender of physical media, a collector, a critic, and a writer. I list critic and writer separately, because Sieber wears many hats, and in his case, he’s earned the distinction of being a critic and a writer. It’s never been more evident than with the collection of writings in his book published this year by the venerable Cemetery Dance Publications, He Who Types Between the Rows: A Decade of Horror Drive-In . Yes, there’s that old adage that everyone is a critic, and with the advent of social media, it sure feels like everyone has an opinion and is quick to the draw to fire off a few rounds. Not all of those opinions are informed, and few fall into the same league as Sieber, who has been in the trenches and witnessed firsthand the drive-ins, the multiplexes, the horror paperbac