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Star Wars Talk feat. Krazy Joe from MegaPodTastic & CinemaSickness!

Heath is joined by Krazy Joe from MegaPodTastic and CinemaSickness for a Star Wars conversation that includes an appreciation of the Ewoks movies, first Kenner action figures, collectible shampoos, and the importance of integrity in a market that rewards negativity. This one goes all over the place, but we hope you have half as much fun watching it as we did recording it! Check out Krazy Joe at , subscribe to the podcast and the YouTube channel, and don't miss MegaPodTastic Podcast Episode 314 in which Heath shares a Christmas song for the Dog Days of Advent! Find it HERE:

The Creature Columns: The Monster (2016) Movie Review by Tom "Creature" Jeffers

Bryan Bertino’s The Monster is a fantastically-fun monster movie in a genre that is  filled to the brim with questionable offerings. Bertino has a command of his writing and director  skills like few in the industry manage. He is the total package when it comes to what he seeks to  do. Many will remember his incredibly effective and terrifyingly-chilling movie The  Strangers from 2008. The Monster is no less spectacular and tension-filled. This is a little movie  that hits every bullseye it aims at. The film is a study in tension and the unknown. It is  fantastically acted with brilliant practical effects. This is a film that feels more like a late 70’s or  80’s movie that deals with contemporary issues. The film is gorgeous and makes use of powerful  storytelling. This is more than a terror-driven story. It is a story of the inner workings of the  human heart. I love it when a horror movie transcends the genre into something more than just a  gore spattered thrill ride.