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The Creature Columns: "The Head Hunter: Fantasy Horror at its Finest" by Tom Jeffers

The fantasy genre is often overlooked in cinema. Of course, we have huge stories like The Lord  of the Rings. However, for the most part, fantasy remains the least used genre. In recent years, Game of  Thrones broke down the doors to many possibilities, yet fantasy still remains firmly on the fringe. One must certainly consider that many movies have fantasy elements, but in general, those elements are rarely acknowledged. After all, what are Freddy Kruger and Jason? They are horror icons to be sure, but they could not gain this status without the use of fantasy. When thinking about this genre, I generally find myself nostalgic for films like Conan the  Barbarian, Red Sonja, Dragonslayer, Willow, or even something like Ralph Bakshi’s Fire and  Ice. Most of these film types hail solidly from the ’80s and have a tremendous following. I am one of those devotees, and I often think modern fantasy is deficient in fundamental ways. The films of yesteryear did lack big budgets, and the

Ultraman Orb and Ultraman Geed Blu-ray Review: "Anime Brought to Life!" (Mill Creek Entertainment)

Just a matter of weeks ago, Mill Creek Entertainment launched Ultraman on Blu-ray in North America with the two shows that started the franchise over 50 years ago. Hot on the heels of those stellar releases comes Ultraman Orb and Ultraman Geed, two of the most recent Ultraman shows to sweep Japan! In this video, we give you a COMPLETE package run-down AND series review, showing what makes these two recent tokusatsu shows so special!  Cereal At Midnight remains your resource for all Ultraman news, reviews, and more!