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Sugar Rush (August 2019 Edition)

Joshua Jabcuga Has Some Cool Recs to Guide You Through the Dog Days of Summer! Hell Comes To Frogtown Sure, you’ve seen “Rowdy” Roddy Piper in John Carpenter’s They Live , but are you familiar with this 80s oddity? Frogtown is certainly a product of its time and yet, if you’ve had the pleasure of watching this movie (or if you’ve read the film’s synopsis), you’re likely asking yourself, what time was that exactly? When it comes to the Hot Rod, I don’t have to remind you that just when you thought you knew the answers, he changed the questions. So turn off your brain and enjoy this ultimate throwback to the days of your local Mom & Pop video store deep dive discoveries. Preorder directly from if you need to have the slipcover edition (a “V-shaped split cover” limited to 3,000 units). Personally, I’m fairly indifferent about slipcovers; I’m more concerned with what’s in the box than the actual packaging—however, nobody rocks slipcovers like the fi