Waterworld: Arrow Video In Depth Review

Cereal At Midnight dives deep in this exploration of the 1995 film Waterworld via a new three-disc limited edition Blu-ray box set from Arrow Video! In what has already topped the list as one of the best releases of the year, Arrow leaves no stone unturned, offering viewers not one, not two, but THREE cuts of the film and hours of special features, a book, a poster, and photo cards. It's a stunning release of one of the most ambitious films in movie history, and we have things to say about both!

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  1. I remember watching the film years ago, on a laserdisc rental. It was ok for what it was at the time. But I don't think I could buy the film at a premium since I did not love it. Just enjoyed it for a action film on water. That's about it.

    I do agree that this latest packaging and content seems interesting. But I doubt I would ever buy it. Maybe borrow from the library if it was available.


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