Friday, January 25, 2019

Thrift Store 13: Symmetry

In the most symmetrical thrift store video to date, we continue our excavation into the pop culture of the past by way of VHS tapes, records, and shiny discs for your ears and eyes! What gems will come to those who seek the forbidden knowledge of the past? All shall be revealed!

Cereal At Midnight - Johnny Cash Columbia Albums Collection:

Jimmy Stewart Reads Poem on Johnny Carson:

Tobymac - "Elements":

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  1. Do you keep a simple database in Excel, or Google Sheets? Or use an app of some sort to remember what you have? Just curious.

    I keep a list in Google Sheets for all video related media.

    For music media, I am almost done getting it all entered into Discogs.

    1. I use software and apps from a company called Collectorz. The apps are CLZ movies, etc.