Mego Wave 2 : The Quest Begins! (Target Exclusive Figures)

With Wave 1 of Mego's Target Exclusive launch now widely available in most (but not all) Target stores, we set our sights on Wave 2! Reports are coming in from all over America that Wave 2 is hitting the pegs earlier than scheduled, with the online launch still weeks away. Join Cereal At Midnight in the hunt for the second wave, which promises to bring new franchises into this plastic galaxy, including Bewitched and KISS! The quest begins!

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  1. Randomly, tonight a Target I stopped at had two Greg Bradys on the pegs and two Alyssa Milanos from Charmed. Nothing else new but wave ones. And what is this you say about Bewitched!?

    1. That's weird that they just put out those two figures. You'd think they'd stock all or nothing. Yes, Bewitched is coming! I'm not sure which figures are in which wave, but I'm pretty sure Samantha is in Wave 2, and there's an Endora/Serena two-pack coming in either wave 2 or 3. I haven't heard anything about a Darrin figure, but I'm in for that entire line. Fingers crossed for a Mego version of Paul Lynde's Uncle Arthur!


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