Toys R Us: Say Goodbye, Never Forget (Farewell Tribute)

When Toys R Us declared bankruptcy and announced that they were closing most of their stores, many of us found ourselves saying farewell to a living piece of our childhood. Take one last trip into the store with Cereal At Midnight and let's wander the aisles together. This video was filmed just days before the liquidation sales began, when the shelves were stocked and the "going out of business" signs had not been hung yet. If you grew up a Toys R Us kid, this is probably how you'll want to remember the "biggest toy store there is." Though we have to say goodbye, we'll never forget how it felt to visit Toys R Us when we were young. This video is a tribute--not to a corporation, but to our childhood, when the shelves seemed endless, and our imaginations knew no limits.

"The Happiest Days" and "All We Ever See of Stars" by Three Chain Links.


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