Super Nintendo Classic Edition (SNES MINI) Unboxing

It's finally here! We recount the story of waiting in line at Target to get the mini console and then open the box to see what's inside!

Here's a link to the initial rant I wrote when this was first announced. Luckily, Nintendo seems to have either corrected or learned from the mistakes of the past. Great work, Nintendo!


  1. Wow! Huge greetings from the past)) All my favorite games of the 90s I found in the
    list SNES Emulator but now the console is already a rarity on the shelf. Just an emulator for Windows and I play on my laptop in Mario until dawn on the weekends! The best entertainment for all times and for any age.

  2. Nowadays with enough time and patience, most any game can be waded through."" HE SAID WHILE RUNNING A DARK SOULS CLIP. That had to be intentional trolling, right? Telling people who can't beat Souls games that they suck and just need to ""git gud""?EDIT: actually now that I look again it's that samurai Souls clone from Koei-Tecmo. Oh well. I haven't played it yet, but I'm guessing they copied the dificulty along with everything else, so the point still stands.

    Harold Burton

  3. Link to the past 20-30 hours? Nonsense. Even on your first playthrough not knowing where anything is MIGHT take 8-10 hours if you're really taking your time. The game can be beat in 3-4 hours with all collectibles and you don't need to be some masterful speed runner to manage that. I was doing it as a kid and I'm not very good at video games.

    It's an amazing game but I often see it described like it's some sort of mega epic when it's something most average people could clear in an afternoon or two.
    Kelly Hubbard

  4. Anyone else remember a little game called Secret of Evermore? It was Secret of Mana Perfected. It still ranks as, in my opinion, one of the greatest RPG's with a fantastic setting, characters and some wonderful gameplay.
    It was simple, fast to pick up and almost impossible to put back down.

    Just me?
    Alright.Jayme Silvestri

  5. I'm so excited for the SNES Classic, and even though I didn't get a preorder it would have been great if these top 25 games would have been the preloaded one (Although most are). The only ones I felt deserved a spot were Actrasier, Mario Paint, Krustys Super Fun House, Killer Instinct and God forgive me Bubsy. I mean those were some of my SNES games of my childhood and I still think they're great (No matter what anyone says) Overall though to this day I think the SNES was the best video game system to date!
    Holly Hooper


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