Chuck Berry: "Big Boys"

In the wake of Chuck Berry's passing, the Berry Family and Dualtone Records have released "Big Boys," the first single from his final studio album. Long in development and announced last October, Chuck will finally be released on June 16. I can't wait.

This music sounds fantastic, as if no time has passed since he first burst onto the scene in the fifties. I had wondered what rock and roll must sound like at the age of 90, and this is the answer: it sounds like Chuck Berry.

Preorder Chuck from Dualtone Records HERE.


  1. I was excited and a little relieved to hear how great this single sounded. When I first heard that Berry was prepping the album with members of his family backing him, I tempered my expectations. I needn't have worried.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. It was a relief to hear how much like Chuck Berry this song sounds.


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