What Is Cereal at Midnight?

What the heck is Cereal at Midnight? the name is designed to convey the feeling you get from staying up until the wee hours of the morning, munching on a bowl of your favorite cereal while you watch cartoons, science fiction movies, and classic horror films.

I'm Heath Holland, your humble host. Cereal at Midnight is dedicated to discovering and exploring the coolest stuff from pop culture--especially the pop culture of the past--in an age where everything seems disposable and quickly forgotten. It's about celebrating the unusual and the unsung with no irony at all. It's about sharing a love of the fun, weird, and offbeat wonders that this world has to offer. From beach movies to songs the radio wouldn't touch, from comic books to bizarre locations far off the beaten path, Cereal at Midnight is all about enjoying awesome things.

So pour yourself another bowl; sunrise is still hours away.


  1. hi
    i like you on my face book show night talk as i guest_love the mil creek stuff-bci
    im David sterling producer of many horror movies(camp blood- things and witchcraft films)
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