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The Suicide Squad: Success or Failure? (Patreon Exclusive)

Let's talk about James Gunn's THE SUICIDE SQUAD ! With many happy audiences members but underperforming box office and streaming figures, there's a lot to discuss and examine, including the future of Warner Bros and how they create and market movies based on DC Comics properties. To unlock over 100 (!!!) exclusive episodes of Cereal At Midnight PLUS access to our secret Facebook group, live streams, and more, visit Thanks to those who make what we do possible by their support! Cereal At Midnight Review of The Suicide Squad

Quick Pick: CHARIOTS OF THE GODS - Ancient Aliens Revealed?

Aliens among us?! CHARIOTS OF THE GODS is one of the first documentaries to explore the concept of ancient alien visitations to Earth, and we've got the full lowdown on the new 50th anniversary Blu-ray which also includes the sequel, MYSTERIES OF THE GODS!  Order yours HERE Want EVEN MORE Cereal At Midnight? We've got you covered! Support us on Patreon and gain access to our huge vault of exclusives, which includes over 90 videos that aren't available anywhere else. Find out more at! Facebook/CerealMidnight Twitter: CerealMidnight Instagram: CerealMidnight Letterboxd: CerealAtMidnite Shop: