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Review: Val (2021)

 Say the name "Val Kilmer" and you most likely immediately think of a particular role or movie starring the actor. For some, Kilmer is Batman. For others, he's Iceman from Top Gun . He's also  The Saint, the Real Genius , even Jim Morrison in Oliver Stone's The Doors. For decades, Kilmer has been an actor, an icon, a rebel, and outsider, a so-called troublemaker.  A new documentary that has just hit Amazon Prime after wowing audiences at this year's Cannes Film Festival, Val  strips away all of the masks and performances and reveals a man who is deeply artistic and sensitive. He's a loving father and a gentle soul, but also a seeker and a fighter in the face of a devastating and life-changing illness. Even after spending nearly two hours with him via this intimate portrait, he remains something of an exquisite enigma and a study in contrasts.  Like many movie fans, I've appreciated Kilmer for a long time. He's been at the center of so many of the f

Quick Pick: Kim is Wilde About Elvis!

In our latest Quick Pick, we've got music from Kim Wilde and the weirdest tribute to Elvis ever!  Want EVEN MORE Cereal At Midnight? We've got you covered! Support us on Patreon and gain access to our huge vault of exclusives, which includes over 90 videos that aren't available anywhere else. Find out more at! Facebook/CerealMidnight Twitter: CerealMidnight Instagram: CerealMidnight Letterboxd: CerealAtMidnite Shop: