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Review: Punk the Capital

At first glance, the heart of American democracy may seem like a strange place for punk music to take root. Upon further examination, it makes perfect sense. Punk--bourne out of rebellion, inspired by injustices and the malaise of society, institutions, corporations, WHATEVER--will thrive in the places closest to the source of that frustration. What could be a better breeding ground for outspoken voices than the capital of the United States? Punk the Capital documents the Washington, D.C. punk movement from its birth in 1976 through 1983 and chronicles all the tumult and uncertainty of that era. Through first hand-accounts of those who were there, as well as archival footage of news items, live shows, even radio interviews, we're a fly on the wall as a spark becomes a flame. We see how the resentment toward commercial radio, the corporatization of art, and the dissatisfaction of the status quo leads to the gestation of new, wild sounds that harken back to the earliest days of rock

Christmas In July: A CHRISTMAS STORY feat. Bree!

Christmas in July continues as Bree discusses her favorite holiday movie, A Christmas Story!  Check out all of our Christmas coverage HERE Want EVEN MORE Cereal At Midnight? We've got you covered! Support us on Patreon and gain access to our huge vault of exclusives, which includes over 90 videos that aren't available anywhere else! Find out more at!