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EPIC New Release Haul!

  In this EPIC New Release Haul, we talk the latest new arrivals and even a few pre-orders that arrived several weeks before they're officially available! Discussed in this video: :57 Ultraman Taro  Standard Edition Steelbook Edition 4:58  The Freshman Like Father Like Son Blind Fury 8:48 Love and Monsters 12:42 Imprint Film Noir Collection I -  Via Vision Deep Discount 19:06 Popeye 20:57 Life After the Navigator 24:35 Intersect 27:16  The Gambler Collection (Walmart Only) MacShayne Collection 30:26 Space Ghost and Dino Boy Josie and the Pussycats 34:52 Beastmaster 37:51 Makeflix Spotlight Dinosaur Island Lizard's Leg and Owlet's Wing  Evil Spawn  Monogram Double Feature - Ape Man / Doomed to Die