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Unboxing Hammer, Inner Sanctum, Rita Hayworth, and Franklin & Bash! New from Mill Creek Entertainment!

It's unboxing time! We're checking out some of the most anticipated releases of the entire year as we dive into Hammer Films: 20-Film Set, The COMPLETE Inner Sanctum Mysteries Film Collection, Rita Hayworth Ultimate Collection Blu-ray set, and the complete series of Franklin and Bash! This is an incredible slate of releases from Mill Creek Entertainment, and you're among the FIRST to see them anywhere! Order here to grab these killer releases AND support Cereal At Midnight: Hammer Films 20-Film Set Inner Sanctum Mysteries Rita Hayworth Ultimate Collection Franklin and Bash Our Icons of Horror spotlight on Hammer Films Find out all the details about The Inner Sanctum Mysteries HERE

Review: Automat by Stephanie Kane

In her latest novel,  Automat , author Stephanie Kane returns readers to the world of art, investigation, and murder. Automat  is the second novel featuring Kane's Lily Sparks character, the Conservator of Paintings at the Denver Art Museum. Lily has a unique gift: a perfect eye. Her area of expertise has served her well at the museum, as she's able to visually dissect paintings almost instantaneously, dividing what is original from what has been touched up, embellished, and outright added to works of art.  In the first Lily Sparks novel, A Perfect Eye , these skills serve the character well in an area that she never could have expected or prepared for: murder. When a killer begins recreating famous works of art through real life homicide, our conservator protagonist is able to use all of her mental acumen and discernment to determine motive, influence, and ultimately identify the killer.  The second novel, Automat , returns readers once again to the world of high art and murde

Kino Lorber Studio Classics Haul - Action, Pirates, and Peppard!

It's Kino time! In our latest spotlight and haul video focused on Kino Lorber Studio Classics, we cover their most recent sale and discuss some new releases hot off the presses!