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Collecting At Midnight 18 - Don't Hassle the Hoff (PATREON EXCLUSIVE)

  In our latest Collecting At Midnight video, we cover some new video game releases, books both new and old, recent Hamilton Book purchases, dirt cheap jazz, Kenny Rogers Walmart exclusives, Ollie's comics, and outrageous Beatles cover songs, and of course, a bevy of films and TV shows that run the gamut!  Not a Patreon supporter? Unlock this and about 30 hours of exclusive videos by visiting ! $7 gets you all of our video extras, access to secret groups, live streams, group watches, and more!

The War of the Worlds ILLUSTRATED EDITION from Bitmap Books

H.G. Wells' landmark sc-fi/horror novel THE WAR OF THE WORLDS is one of the most respected AND adapted works in fiction. Bitmap Books has published the iconic tale in an ILLUSTRATED EDITION featuring nearly 100 new pieces of eye-popping artwork from artist Adam Rufino! Check out our review of the book that combines the best elements of classic literature with the world of graphic storytelling!   Purchase the book via this link to support both Bitmap Book AND Cereal At Midnight Cereal At Midnight videos about Bitmap Books