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SAVE THE LITTLE RASCALS! Huge Announcement From CLASSICFLIX! (Restoration, Our Gang, Hal Roach)

Breaking news: ClassicFlix has just unveiled a huge crowdfunding campaign to preserve and restore THE LITTLE RASCALS! Find out all the details from the founder of ClassicFlix as he tells us how we can get involved, what the preservation entails, and how the future of Hal Roach's iconic creation rests in the hands of the fans themselves! Make sure to stick around until the very end as there's an exclusive SCOOP about upcoming ClassicFlix projects that you will hear here first! To get involved and secure your own DVD or Blu-ray copy of The Little Rascals restorations, visit the Indiegogo campaign and get involved HERE Also be sure to visit to shop their stellar line of Hal Roach Streamliners, restored classics, and Silver Series titles, and let them know Cereal At Midnight sent you!