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GHOST STORY aka CIRCLE OF FEAR Horror Anthology from William Castle & Richard Matheson on Blu-Ray!

Out of the shadows at last! GHOST STORY aka Circle of Fear is a slice of spooky seventies greatness! This horror anthology television show ran from 1972-1973 and was the creation of legendary B-movie producer William Castle and writer Richard Matheson. After years of obscurity and on-demand discs, this show makes a worldwide, region-free Blu-ray debut thanks to Australia's Via Vision Entertainment! With a cast list of some of the most prestigious names of the time (Karen Black, Meg Foster, Janet Leigh, Jason Robards, Martin Sheen, Jodie Foster) and writers including Matheson, Hammer's Jimmy Sangster, D.C. Fontana, and Harlan Ellison, the pedigree for the series couldn't be higher for genre buffs. The unknown is waiting... Order your copy directly from Via Vision HERE *Note: Price is in Australian dollars.