Monday, August 3, 2020

Of Clowns and Cornfields: Josh Jabcuga Interviews Horror Author Adam Cesare

Josh Jabcuga returns to interview Adam Cesare about his upcoming book from HarperTeen, Clown in a Cornfield, the slasher genre, Rob Zombie, Nurse Sherri, and earning Clive Barker's seal of approval! 

Josh Jabcuga: Clive Barker provided an incredible blurb for your upcoming book Clown in a Cornfield (out August 25th from HarperTeen; pre-order the Hardcover, ebook, or audiobook here).

First off, congrats on the new book. The advance reviews have been amazing. And earning a stamp of approval from Clive Barker, it seems so fitting on many levels. 

People know the Clive Barker name from the Hellraiser and Candyman films, others from The Great and Secret Show, or Abarat, or all of the above. His work has appeared in many forms, spanning generations of fans, crossing genres. There are many points of entry to becoming a Clive Barker fan. It’s similar in some ways to the shape that your body of work is beginning to take. This year alone, you’ve got Clown in a Cornfield coming out, you scripted a 4-issue arc of Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (from Boom! Studios/Archaia—available in a hardcover collection later this year), plus Dark Crystal fans can look forward to your work on Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal Bestiary: The Definitive Guide to the Creatures of Thra, which is being released in October. Readers may be familiar with your previous books like Tribesmen, Video Night, and The Con Season, too.