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Midnight Music: "And the Address" by Deep Purple

Darkness shrouds the land. In those mystic hours between midnight and dawn, when the quiet is so imposing that it becomes a presence in and of itself, all good people are sleeping. Even the moon slumbers, obscured by shadowy clouds which cloak the fields, valleys, and towns of the hillside below in shadowy pitch. The silence is broken. Not at once, and not by a scream, but slowly, and by a low moan. It begins distant, almost as if the wind itself were uttering lamentations. Could that be thunder? The rumble grows, slowly, imperceptibly, then louder, more clear. It becomes a roar, unmistakable, unavoidable, inevitable, and with the flash of lightning and the heat of flame, the darkness is shattered with blistering brightness as Deep Purple are released upon the face of the Earth. The first track of their first album, "And the Address" heralds the arrival of something powerful and altogether new. Before giants walked the Earth in the form of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple cha