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Return of Ultraman and Orb Origin Saga Unboxing / First Look!

Ultraman has returned! In this video, we get our first look at Return of Ultraman (the fourth epic Ultra series) and Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga! Join as we unbox each release, compare the Steelbook and the Blu-ray box set, and dig into the features and contents of each Blu-ray set, now available from Mill Creek Entertainment! Grab these Blu-rays using the links below and you're helping to support Cereal At Midnight! Return of Ultraman Steelbook: Return of Ultraman Standard Blu-ray: Ultraman Orb - The Origin Saga and Ultra Fight Orb Blu-ray: Check out ALL of our Ultraman coverage via this handy dandy playlist!

15,000 Subscriber Q & A Announcement!

Cereal At Midnight is throwing a party, and you're invited! As we near 15,000 subscribers, we're planning a question and answer video, which means we need your feedback and input! Do you have a question you've been wanting to ask us? Now's your chance! THANK YOU for all your likes, comments, and subscriptions, which have made this possible!

The Creature Columns: It Comes At Night (2017)

*Because of the nature of this review spoilers are somewhat necessary. While I do not put tremendous stock in Rotten Tomatoes scores, they can sometimes serve to tell a story. Such is the case for the excellent film by Trey Edward Shults, It Comes At Night . The film was surrounded in controversy back during its release because many people felt that it was marketed in a deceptive way. Some in the horror community were disappointed by the film because it was not what they were expecting. They claimed that the movie failed in its execution, and many audiences openly spoke against the movie. They cited plot holes and profound disappointment as reasons. However, critical acclaim was high. As of this writing, the critical score on Rotten Tomatoes is at 87% while the audience score is at 44%. Before I delve into the film itself, I would like to make a suggestion. Everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion, but I think modern audiences are cheating themselves out of some amazing