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Abominable (2006) and Why This Bigfoot Film Matters to You by Joshua Jabcuga

What strange times we live in. With streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Shudder, one would think for the price of several monthly subscriptions, film lovers would have access to a vast virtual library of movies. Most of the services are not curated, and users are often faced with the dilemma of scrolling through titles for hours on end, like a compass needle spinning aimlessly. Many of the digital subscription services are focused on creating their own content. Their logic (and business strategy): why pay a studio to license a film library when you can produce your own content and maintain the rights in perpetuity? That’s a problem if you’re a fan of older movies or low budget films that didn’t make a profit. Netflix isn’t keen on stocking their “virtual video store” with these titles. There’s really no depth or breadth. And you’re expecting 24/7/365 access to those movies you “own” with your monthly membership? Sorry, pal.