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Welcome to the Space Lounge (Space Lounge Vol. 1)

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce the Space Lounge, the hippest, swingingest corner of the galaxy where you can cozy up for a drink and check out some of the coolest music that lies far off the beaten path. If you've poked around this site, you might recognize that I'm obsessed with mid-century kitsch. From the late fifties to the early-to-mid seventies, the weirdest, hottest, strangest popular music ever was pouring out of the culture. Here in the Space Lounge, I'll be spinning lounge, exotica, surf, swing, and even unusual elevator records that are still cooler than the other side of the pillow. Expect the unexpected. Today I christen the Space Lounge and cut the cosmic ribbon to welcome you into the party. You can check your coat in the tiki closet and order a drink from the monkey in the fez. Prepare for blast off as we ride this rocket all the way back to the atomic age. Lift off after the jump...