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Review: Torture Garden (1967)

Based on the title of this film, you would be forgiven for thinking this horror anthology from 1967 is the kind of movie you should avoid. After all, we've had a glut of "torture porn" crap over the last 10-15 years where legitimate creeps have been replaced by what amounts to an endurance test of the worst kind. There is actually no torture in  Torture Garden , nor is there any real gore. No,  Torture Garden  is actually an old-fashioned, comic-book style horror film in the same vein as  Creepshow, Tales from the Darkside,  or even  Trick 'r Treat.  Let's be clear up front though, this movie is nowhere near as good as those. Still, it replicates--in movie form--the thrill of entering a carnival fun house and not knowing what you're going to see.