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Review: King Solomon's Mines (1985)

If adventure has a cousin, it must be Allan Quatermain. King Solomon's Mines has had quite the lifespan. The story began life in 1885 as an adventure novel by H. Rider Haggard. Some call Haggard the father of the "Lost World" sub-genre, and still others consider him to be the ancestor of the kind of pulp fiction that dominated comic and newsstand shelves from the '30s to the '60s. There have been six feature films based on his book, with the most notable movie versions being made in 1937 and 1950. This 1985 version is the first one that seems to be made with laughs in mind. Honestly, I don't think much of what was in that original novel has survived for the screen in this particular adaptation. Now, thanks to Olive Films, I've recently had a chance to revisit Cannon's 1985's pulp adventure film   King Solomon's Mines. I hadn't watched the movie in years, probably since the '90s, and I was excited to see how it held up. Thankful